Electronic music is the new dominant global religion

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Re: Electronic music is the new dominant global religion

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mehta wrote: Tue Dec 08, 2020 5:13 pm Understand that Rock n Roll is electronic music. All recordings are electronic. Dub and Reggae are surely electronic, hip hop is electronic. Once R&B was understood to be Soul, it had become electronic - thanks James Jamerson. R&B is particularly on the forefront of electronic exploration now with artists like Kelela.

John Lennon wasn't wrong when he said "we're bigger than Jesus." The Beatles' music isn't all that important, but musicians dictating the artistic direction of their records for the first time & the resultant success irrevocably changed the industry.

To be a little more to the point, Religion is the institutional control of magic. Don't sweat it, magic is completely natural. Think about it, you are directly reading my thoughts which I have broadcast globally. Science is a form of magic. So is music.

We are electronic beings. Computers are just mechanical brains. LF is extremely potent, as it matches our activity cycles. We didn't just randomly decide that 50hz would be the "energy" frequency in almost all dance music. 50hz is our main activity/duty cycle. It makes you want to work.

They have been trying to stop us since Castlemorton Common, but they really can't. At this point though, I'm happy to take it all behind closed doors. My major goals are for acoustic isolation & proper sound to be standard in every home. People need to make sound, loud sound, and they shouldn't have to hear each other. I think that we can expect sonic isolation from our neighbors along with the ability to have concert-level sound in our homes.

Ramble ramble .. maybe you see where I'm going with this :)
LOL! Well.... not really.

Religion is a primitive, instinctual duality that we have evolved to help us to understand our immediate surroundings and their effects on us as a social group. - Yet, it isn't.

Religion is Dogma (cannot be questioned or scrutinized)
Religion is following 'faith'. And faith is NOT a pathway to the truth. Faith is the excuse people use to believe in something without any evidence.
Religion is an excuse to be hateful.
Religion is permission to do the horrible.
Religion is prejudice and malintent.

Did I answer your questions? LOL!
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