BroKen Harrison

Please introduce yourself to the group!
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BroKen Harrison

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Since I recommended having this sub forum I guess I'll start this off.
Songwriter with a small (one room) home studio that was built in 2015 with help from a lot of friends on another website (including John). Happy with my recording space and have released 2 EPs and have one 12 song album in the works. I'm no pro at any of this, but I love to learn.
You probably won't hear me say much that isn't tongue in cheek, or just plain humor because I am probably least knowledgeable here when it comes to acoustics and such. So if I give you something that sounds like advice, just check with others first. lol
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Re: BroKen Harrison

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Good to see you here!
I look forward to our conversations.
John H. Brandt
Recording Studio, Performance Hall, & Architectural Acoustics Consultants
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