Martin Goodwin

Please introduce yourself to the group!
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Martin Goodwin

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Hello everyone!

I'm Martin Goodwin from France.
I'm an electronic music producer and run a mixing & mastering business since earlier this year.

10 years as a sound guy in venues, now doing my passion full time at home.
I love the subject of acoustics and was drawn into John after reading several books on this topic.

I will start building a small room for voice tracking that will serve as my "studio" but working on headphones for now as I understood a 3,5 x 2,8m isn't big enough to even think about a full treatment. I was going to do it anyway but reading John made me think twice ;)

Happy to meet you all and see you on the forum.
Hey there!

I'm Martin Goodwin from France.
I do electronic music and run a mixing & mastering company named MGS Mastering.
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Re: Martin Goodwin

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It's good to meet you here.
Please put all of your questions into the appropriate thread/board and I'll do my best to answer.
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