Rear wall waveguides, what angle?

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Rear wall waveguides, what angle?

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First of all, thanx for this forum, John.
I'm interested in rear wall wave guides. On your youtube video, I saw you have a wave guides on the rear wall, behind the membrane traps.
What is the angle of these boards? I might be wrong but, there was a comment saying that each boards turned by 12 degrees angle. Some times i see people putting them so they facing monitors. So I wonders, would you be so kind and give some info on that or maybe you guys have some experience on that topic.
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Re: Rear wall waveguides, what angle?

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Rear wall; angle your waveguides 24 degrees from perpendicular.
Front wall; Start from the outside, angle the first waveguide 12 degrees from perpendicular, second - 24 degrees, third - 36 degrees.

Spacing between waveguides on the front wall vs back is different too.

This is explained in detail in the book.
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